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Devops Videos

You can also find all of these devops videos on the Ping Website

Foundational Information

  • Getting Started Walkthrough
    • Introduction on how to prepare a local Kubernetes environment to deploy Ping products. The video will also show how to use our Helm Charts to deploy our products and how to access product consoles through the ingress controller.
  • CICD Demonstration
    • This 30-minute video provides a high-level overview of Continuous Integration/Continous Deployment (CICD) principles. Included is a demonstration of a fully operational CICD pipeline using Gitea, Jenkins and Kubernetes. The viewer can obtain the code used from Github to run the demonstration themselves on a local Docker Desktop installation with Kubernetes enabled.
  • CICD Reference Pipeline
    • This 30-minute video builds on the CICD Demonstration. Watch as a branch of a Github server profile repository uses pipelines to update a stack of Ping products at each code push. Merging the branch to prod then updates the production environment accordingly. The video and repository can serve as a launching point for using your own processes and tools for a similar experience.

Product Docker Images

  • Upgrade PingCentral
    • This video demonstrates the upgrade of PingCentral in a containerized environment.
  • Build a Ping product image locally
    • This video demonstrates building a custom Ping product image using the Ping-provided build scripts and a downloaded product .zip file.
  • Ping product Docker image exploration
    • After viewing this video, you will have a deeper understanding of the structure of a Ping product Docker image filesystem. In addition, you will be shown ways of injecting configuration and customization into the image during the Kubernetes/Helm launch process along with an overview of the hook script functionality used by our images. This video is intended for users with some familiarity with Ping product images.
  • Ping product image hook scripts
    • This video, intended for users with some familiarity with Ping product images, covers the hook script functionality included in all Ping product Docker images for managing product lifecycle in a containerized environment.


  • Deploy a Local Openshift Cluster
    • This 12-minute video demonstrates the process of deploying an Openshift Local cluster to your environment, followed by installing a full stack of Ping products using our Helm charts.
  • Splunk Logging Example
    • This 20-minute video demonstrates the use of a Splunk Universal Forwarder (UF) sidecar to forward logs from PingAccess and PingFederate to a local Splunk instance.
  • Robust Local Kubernetes Cluster
    • This 25-minute video demonstrates creating a 3-node local Kubernetes cluster on VMs, including a load balancer, block storage, ingress and service mesh for testing and development.