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Ping Identity Docker Image - pingbase

This docker image provides a base image for all Ping Identity DevOps product images.

Environment Variables

The following environment ENV variables can be used with this image.

ENV Variable Default Description
BASE ${BASE:-/opt} Location of the top level directory where everything is located in image/container
ROOT_USER administrator the default administrative user for PingData
JAVA_HOME /opt/java
STAGING_DIR ${BASE}/staging Path to the staging area where the remote and local server profiles can be merged
OUT_DIR ${BASE}/out Path to the runtime volume
SERVER_ROOT_DIR ${OUT_DIR}/instance Path from which the runtime executes
IN_DIR ${BASE}/in Location of a local server-profile volume
SERVER_BITS_DIR ${BASE}/server Path to the server bits
BAK_DIR ${BASE}/backup Path to a volume generically used to export or backup data
LOGS_DIR ${BASE}/logs Path to a volume generically used for logging
PING_IDENTITY_ACCEPT_EULA NO Must be set to 'YES' for the container to start
PING_IDENTITY_DEVOPS_FILE devops-secret File name for devops-creds passed as a Docker secret
STAGING_MANIFEST ${BASE}/staging-manifest.txt Path to a manifest of files expected in the staging dir on first image startup
CLEAN_STAGING_DIR false Whether to clean the staging dir when the image starts
SECRETS_DIR /run/secrets Default path to the secrets
TOPOLOGY_FILE ${STAGING_DIR}/topology.json Path to the topology file
HOOKS_DIR ${STAGING_DIR}/hooks Path where all the hooks scripts are stored
CONTAINER_ENV ${STAGING_DIR}/.env Environment Property file use to share variables between scripts in container
SERVER_PROFILE_DIR /tmp/server-profile Path where the remote server profile is checked out or cloned before being staged prior to being applied on the runtime
SERVER_PROFILE_URL A valid git HTTPS URL (not ssh)
SERVER_PROFILE_URL_REDACT true When set to "true", the server profile git URL will not be printed to container output.
SERVER_PROFILE_BRANCH A valid git branch (optional)
SERVER_PROFILE_PATH The subdirectory in the git repo
SERVER_PROFILE_UPDATE false Whether to update the server profile upon container restart
SECURITY_CHECKS_STRICT false Requires strict checks on security
SECURITY_CHECKS_FILENAME .jwk .pin Perform a check for filenames that may violate security (i.e. secret material)
UNSAFE_CONTINUE_ON_ERROR If this is set to true, then the container will provide a hard warning and continue.
LICENSE_DIR ${SERVER_ROOT_DIR} License directory
PD_LICENSE_DIR ${STAGING_DIR}/pd.profile/server-root/pre-setup PD License directory. Separating from above LICENSE_DIR to differentiate for different products
STARTUP_COMMAND The command that the entrypoint will execute in the foreground to instantiate the container
STARTUP_FOREGROUND_OPTS The command-line options to provide to the the startup command when the container starts with the server in the foreground. This is the normal start flow for the container
STARTUP_BACKGROUND_OPTS The command-line options to provide to the the startup command when the container starts with the server in the background. This is the debug start flow for the container
TAIL_LOG_FILES A whitespace separated list of log files to tail to the container standard output - DO NOT USE WILDCARDS like /path/to/logs/*.log
COLORIZE_LOGS true If 'true', the output logs will be colorized with GREENs and REDs, otherwise, no colorization will be done. This is good for tools that monitor logs and colorization gets in the way.
LOCATION Docker Location default value If PingDirectory is deployed in multi cluster mode, that is, K8S_CLUSTER, K8S_CLUSTERS and K8S_SEED_CLUSTER are defined, LOCATION is ignored and K8S_CLUSTER is used as the location
LOCATION_VALIDATION true Any string denoting a logical/physical location
MAX_HEAP_SIZE 384m Heap size (for java products)
JAVA_RAM_PERCENTAGE 75.0 Percentage of the container memory to allocate to PingFederate JVM DO NOT set to 100% or your JVM will exit with OutOfMemory errors and the container will terminate
VERBOSE false Triggers verbose messages in scripts using the set -x option.
PING_DEBUG false Set the server in debug mode, with increased output
PING_PRODUCT The name of Ping product, i.e. PingFederate, PingDirectory - must be a valid Ping product type. This variable should be overridden by child images.
PING_PRODUCT_VALIDATION true i.e. PingFederate,PingDirectory
ADDITIONAL_SETUP_ARGS List of setup arguments passed to Ping Data setup-arguments.txt file
LDAP_PORT 1389 Port over which to communicate for LDAP
LDAPS_PORT 1636 Port over which to communicate for LDAPS
HTTPS_PORT 1443 Port over which to communicate for HTTPS
JMX_PORT 1689 Port for monitoring over JMX protocol
ORCHESTRATION_TYPE The type of orchestration tool used to run the container, normally set in the deployment (.yaml) file. Expected values include: - compose - swarm - kubernetes Defaults to blank (i.e. No type is set)
USER_BASE_DN dc=example,dc=com Base DN for user data
DOLLAR '$' Variable with a literal value of '$', to avoid unwanted variable substitution
PD_ENGINE_PUBLIC_HOSTNAME localhost PD (PingDirectory) public hostname that may be used in redirects
PD_ENGINE_PRIVATE_HOSTNAME pingdirectory PD (PingDirectory) private hostname
PDP_ENGINE_PUBLIC_HOSTNAME localhost PDP (PingDirectoryProxy) public hostname that may be used in redirects
PDP_ENGINE_PRIVATE_HOSTNAME pingdirectoryproxy PDP (PingDirectoryProxy) private hostname
PDS_ENGINE_PUBLIC_HOSTNAME localhost PDS (PingDataSync) public hostname that may be used in redirects
PDS_ENGINE_PRIVATE_HOSTNAME pingdatasync PDS (PingDataSync) private hostname
PAZ_ENGINE_PUBLIC_HOSTNAME localhost PAZ (PingAuthorize) public hostname that may be used in redirects
PAZ_ENGINE_PRIVATE_HOSTNAME pingauthorize PAZ (PingAuthorize) private hostname
PAZP_ENGINE_PUBLIC_HOSTNAME localhost PAZP (PingAuthorize-PAP) public hostname that may be used in redirects
PAZP_ENGINE_PRIVATE_HOSTNAME pingauthorizepap PAZP (PingAuthorize-PAP) private hostname
PF_ENGINE_PUBLIC_HOSTNAME localhost PF (PingFederate) engine public hostname that may be used in redirects
PF_ENGINE_PRIVATE_HOSTNAME pingfederate PF (PingFederate) engine private hostname
PF_ADMIN_PUBLIC_BASEURL https://localhost:9999 PF (PingFederate) admin public baseurl that may be used in redirects
PF_ADMIN_PUBLIC_HOSTNAME localhost PF (PingFederate) admin public hostname that may be used in redirects
PF_ADMIN_PRIVATE_HOSTNAME pingfederate-admin PF (PingFederate) admin private hostname
PA_ENGINE_PUBLIC_HOSTNAME localhost PA (PingAccess) engine public hostname that may be used in redirects
PA_ENGINE_PRIVATE_HOSTNAME pingaccess PA (PingAccess) engine private hostname
PA_ADMIN_PUBLIC_HOSTNAME localhost PA (PingAccess) admin public hostname that may be used in redirects
PA_ADMIN_PRIVATE_HOSTNAME pingaccess-admin PA (PingAccess) admin private hostname
ROOT_USER_DN cn=${ROOT_USER} DN of the server root user
ENV ${BASE}/.profile
MOTD_URL Instructs the image to pull the MOTD json from the following URL. If this MOTD_URL variable is empty, then no motd will be downloaded. The format of this MOTD file must match the example provided in the url:
PS1 \${PING_PRODUCT}:\h:\w\n> Default shell prompt (i.e. productName:hostname:workingDir)
PATH ${JAVA_HOME}/bin:${BASE}:${SERVER_ROOT_DIR}/bin:${PATH} PATH used by the container

Docker Container Hook Scripts

Please go here for details on all pingbase hook scripts

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