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Release Notes

DevOps Docker Builds, Version 2005 (May 2020)

New Features

  • PingDelegator Docker Image

    The PingDelegator Docker image is now available. View on Docker Hub for more information.

    Test drive PingDelegator using the supplied docker-compose file in our Simple-Stack example.

  • PingAccess Image Version 6.0.2

    We've updated the PingAccess Image to version 6.0.2.

  • PingFederate Version 9.3.3

    We've updated the PingFederate 9.3.3 Docker image to include patch 4.

  • Docker Builds Pipeline

    We've made a number of CI/CD enhancements to improve Image qualification (smoke/integration tests).

  • Image Enhancements

    Improved the wait-for command to optionally wait for a path or file to become available.

Resolved Defects

  • (GDO-187) Resolved issue where MAX_HEAP_SIZE wasn't applied during container restart.
  • (GDO-220) Resolved issue where log message didn't contain log file source name.
  • (GDO-238) Resolved issue where ping-devops kubernetes start fails if DNS_ZONE variable not set.
  • (GDO-245) Resolved issue where PingAccess didn't exit when configuration import failed.
  • (GDO-263) Resolved issue within which had resulted in some documentation to not be pushed to GitHub.
  • (GDO-278) Resolved issue with PingAccess clustering Server Profile.