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Release Notes

DevOps Docker Builds, Version 2109 (October 06 2021)


  • PingFederate deployments prior to sprint release 2108 (Aug 27th, 2021) may be at risk. Please visit here for details on impacted and patched versions.

New Features

  • PingFederate

    • PingFederate 10.3.2 and 11.0 Beta are now available on Dockerhub
  • PingAccess

    • PingAccess 6.3.1 and 7.0 Beta are now available on Dockerhub
  • PingDirectory

    • PingDirectory,, and 9.0 EA are now available on Dockerhub
  • PingAuthorize

    • PingAuthorize,, and 9.0 EA are now available on Dockerhub
  • PingIntelligence

    • PingIntelligence 5.0.1 is now available on Dockerhub


  • Documentation

  • Docker Images

    • JDK Liberica 11.0.12+7 is now supported
    • Images now include a startup probe script /opt/
  • Helm Charts

    • View the detailed release notes for Ping's Helm Charts here
      • Release 0.7.6 - Support for scheduler name on pods
  • Kubernetes

    • PingDirectory now waits for its pod DNS hostname to match expected K8 pod IP

Resolved Defects

  • (GDO-896) - Resolved issue where PingDirectory failed to pick up the product license during deployment
  • (GDO-989) - Resolved issue in which PingDirectory seed failure in multi-region topology causes a replication island

Supported Product Releases