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Version 2303 Release Notes

Product release notes

For information about product changes, refer to the release notes that can be found on each product's download page.

DevOps Docker Builds, Version 2303 (April 04 2023)

New Product Releases

  • PingAccess 7.2.0 -> 7.2.1 and build 7.3.0-Beta (Dockerhub)
  • PingFederate 11.2.3 -> 11.2.4 and build 11.3.0-beta EOL 11.0.1 and 10.3.5 (Dockerhub)
  • PingData products -> EOL
  • PingIdentity LDAPSDK 6.0.7 -> 6.0.8 (Dockerhub)
  • Apache Tomcat 9.0.72 -> 9.0.73 (Dockerhub)


  • Alpine 3.17.2 -> 3.17.3

Resolved Defects

  • (BRASS-650) Updated helm template tests to check array values
  • (BRASS-735) Added integration-tests for arm pods of pingauthorize and pingauthorizepap
  • (BRASS-762) Fixed broken Kubernetes links on the Ping Identity devops site
  • (BRASS-808) Set Proxy topology host and port correctly
  • (BRASS-835) Fix replication result code not being recorded correctly in VERBOSE mode
  • (BRASS-839) Added Splunk log formatting examples for PingFederate and PingDirectory
  • (BRASS-842) Update defaultDomain to pingdemo.example across the board


  • (BRASS-806) Add default matchLabels values for topologySpreadConstraints
  • (BRASS-645) Enable pf.cluster.bind.address to be set with variable


Supported Product Releases