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Saving your configuration changes

To save any configuration changes you make when using the products in the stack, you must set up a local Docker volume to persist state and data for the stack. If you don't do this, whenever you bring the stack down, your configuration changes will be lost.

Mount a Docker volume location to the Docker /opt/out directory for the container. The location must be to a directory you haven't already created. Our Docker containers use the /opt/out directory to store application data.

Mounting to /opt/out

Make sure the local directory isn't already created. Docker needs to create this directory for the mount to /opt/out.

You can mount a Docker volume for containers in a stack or for standalone containers.

Bind mounting for a stack

  1. Add a volumes section under the container entry for each product in the docker-compose.yaml file you're using for the stack.
  2. Under the volumes section, add a location to persist your data. For example:

    - /tmp/compose/pingfederate_1:/opt/out
  3. In the environment section, comment out the SERVER_PROFILE_PATH setting.

    The container then uses your volumes entry to supply the product state and data, including your configuration changes.

    When the container starts, this mounts /tmp/compose/pingfederate_1 to the /opt/out directory in the container. You can also view the product logs and data in the /tmp/compose/pingfederate_1 directory.

  4. Repeat this process for the remaining container entries in the stack.

Bind mounting for a standalone container

Add a volume entry to the docker run command:

docker run \
   --name pingfederate \
   --volume <local-path>:/opt/out \

Getting started with Docker Compose mounts

Within many of the docker-compose.yaml files in the Getting-Started repository, volume mounts to opt/out have been included to persist your configuration across container restarts.

  • To view the list of persisted volumes, enter:

    docker volume list
  • To view the contents of the /opt/out/ volume when the container is running, enter:

    docker container exec -it <container id> sh
    cd out
  • To view the contents of the /opt/out/ volume when the container is stopped, enter:

    docker run --rm -i -v=<volume name>:/opt/out alpine ls
  • To remove a volume, enter:

    docker volume rm <volume name>
  • To copy files from the container to your local filesystem, enter:

    docker cp \
       <container id>:<source path> \
       <destination path>
    docker cp \
       b867054293a1:/opt/out \
  • To copy files from your local filesystem to the container, enter:

    docker cp \
       <source path> \
       <container id>:<destination path>
    docker cp \
       myconnector.jar \