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Assigning a Provisioner Node ID for PingFederate Pods

The PingFederate provisioner node id is set in the file used to configure the server. This value is used to set up failover for provisioning.

When using failover, each provisioning server must be given a unique index. By default with no server profile, the PF_PROVISIONER_NODE_ID environment variable is used to set the node id, with a default value of 1.

If it is necessary to set node ids for PingFederate servers, a StatefulSet can be used to provide consistent hostnames for individual Pods. The node id can then be parsed from these hostnames.


The use of a StatefulSet instead of a Deployment for PingFederate has some consequences. In particular, updates to the StatefulSet will be done as a rolling updates, which can increase the time needed for an update.

In the Pod spec for the StatefulSet:

        - name: POD_NAME

Then, a hook script can be used to parse the pod ordinal, which can then be set as the node id. Note that this will overwrite the default PF_PROVISIONER_NODE_ID value.

In your server profile, create a script to update the environment variable:

#!/usr/bin/env sh
. "${HOOKS_DIR}/"

# Parse the pod ordinal

# Add one to the ordinal so that node id starts at 1 instead of 0

# Save the node id to the environment used by the hook scripts
export_container_env PF_PROVISIONER_NODE_ID

Ensure your server profile uses this environment variable if you are providing a custom instance/bin/ file:${PF_PROVISIONER_NODE_ID}