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Ping Identity DevOps Docker Image - pingaccess

This docker image includes the Ping Identity PingAccess product binaries and associated hook scripts to create and run both PingAccess Admin and Engine nodes.

  • pingidentity/pingbase - Parent Image

    This image inherits, and can use, Environment Variables from pingidentity/pingbase

  • pingidentity/pingcommon - Common Ping files (i.e. hook scripts)

Environment Variables

In addition to environment variables inherited from pingidentity/pingbase, the following environment ENV variables can be used with this image.

ENV Variable Default Description
PING_PRODUCT PingAccess Ping product name
LICENSE_DIR ${SERVER_ROOT_DIR}/conf License directory
LICENSE_FILE_NAME pingaccess.lic Name of license file
LICENSE_SHORT_NAME PA Short name used when retrieving license from License Server
LICENSE_VERSION ${LICENSE_VERSION} Version used when retrieving license from License Server
PING_IDENTITY_PASSWORD 2FederateM0re Specify a password for administrator user for interaction with admin API
STARTUP_COMMAND ${SERVER_ROOT_DIR}/bin/ The command that the entrypoint will execute in the foreground to instantiate the container
TAIL_LOG_FILES ${SERVER_ROOT_DIR}/log/pingaccess.log Files tailed once container has started
PA_ADMIN_PORT 9000 Default port for PA Admin API and console Ignored when using PingIdentity Helm charts
PA_ADMIN_CLUSTER_PORT 9090 Default port when clustering PA primary administrative node Ignored when using PingIdentity Helm charts
JAVA_RAM_PERCENTAGE 60.0 Percentage of the container memory to allocate to PingAccess JVM DO NOT set to 100% or your JVM will exit with OutOfMemory errors and the container will terminate
FIPS_MODE_ON false Turns on FIPS mode (currently with the Bouncy Castle FIPS provider) set to exactly "true" lowercase to turn on set to anything else to turn off
SHOW_LIBS_VER true Defines a variable to allow showing library versions in the output at startup default to true
SHOW_LIBS_VER_PRE_PATCH false Defines a variable to allow showing library version prior to patches being applied default to false This is helpful to ensure that the patch process updates all libraries affected
ADMIN_WAITFOR_TIMEOUT 300 wait-for timeout for hook script How long to wait for the PA Admin console to be available

Ports Exposed

The following ports are exposed from the container. If a variable is used, then it may come from a parent container


Running a PingAccess container

To run a PingAccess container:

  docker run \
           --name pingaccess \
           --publish 9000:9000 \
           --publish 443:1443 \
           --detach \
           --env SERVER_PROFILE_URL= \
           --env SERVER_PROFILE_PATH=getting-started/pingaccess \
           --env PING_IDENTITY_DEVOPS_USER \
           --env PING_IDENTITY_DEVOPS_KEY \
           --tmpfs /run/secrets \

Follow Docker logs with:

docker logs -f pingaccess

If using the command above with the embedded server profile, log in with:

  • https://localhost:9000
  • Username: Administrator
  • Password: 2FederateM0re

Docker Container Hook Scripts

Please go here for details on all pingaccess hook scripts

This document is auto-generated from pingaccess/Dockerfile

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