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Release Notes

DevOps Docker Builds, Version 2104 (April 2021)

New Features

  • Early Access and Beta Release Docker Images
    • PingAccess 6.3.0-Beta
    • PingAuthorize
    • PingAuthorize PAP
    • PingDataConsole
    • PingDataSync
    • PingDirectory
    • PingDirectoryProxy
    • PingFederate 10.3.0-Beta


  • watch-fs-changes

    • We've updated the watch-fs-changes utility to accept command-line parameters to watch additional locations
  • Startup Time Performance

    • We've updated the script to improve container start up times for all PingData products.
  • Helm Charts for PingDirectoryProxy

    • PingDirectoryProxy has been integrated into Ping's Helm Charts

Resolved Defects

  • (GDO-649) - Resolved issue where the provided self-signed certificates for PingDataConsole didn't function in Chrome on MacOS
  • (GDO-770) - Resolved issue where PingDataConsole didn't log console messages by default
  • (GDO-773) - Resolved issue where the collect-support-data tool couldn't find the required JDK

Product Build Matrix

The following table includes product versions and their accompanying Image build status for this release.

Product Active Build Build EOL
PingAccess 6.2.1
PingCentral 1.7.0
PingDataGovernance PAP
PingDelegator 4.4.0
PingFederate 10.2.2
PingIntelligence 4.4

Build Matrix Info

  • Bolded product version number is version within 'latest' image tag.
  • Build EOL denotes product versions that are no longer built as of this release.