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Ping Identity DevOps Docker Image - pingfederate

This docker image includes the Ping Identity PingFederate product binaries and associated hook scripts to create and run both PingFederate Admin and Engine nodes.

  • pingidentity/pingbase - Parent Image

    This image inherits, and can use, Environment Variables from pingidentity/pingbase

  • pingidentity/pingcommon - Common Ping files (i.e. hook scripts)

Environment Variables

In addition to environment variables inherited from pingidentity/pingbase, the following environment ENV variables can be used with this image.

ENV Variable Default Description
PING_PRODUCT PingFederate Ping product name
LICENSE_DIR ${SERVER_ROOT_DIR}/server/default/conf License directory
LICENSE_FILE_NAME pingfederate.lic Name of license file
LICENSE_SHORT_NAME PF Short name used when retrieving license from License Server
LICENSE_VERSION ${LICENSE_VERSION} Version used when retrieving license from License Server
STARTUP_COMMAND ${SERVER_ROOT_DIR}/bin/ The command that the entrypoint will execute in the foreground to instantiate the container
PING_IDENTITY_PASSWORD 2FederateM0re Specify a password for administrator user for interaction with admin API
TAIL_LOG_FILES ${SERVER_ROOT_DIR}/log/server.log Files tailed once container has started
PF_LOG_SIZE_MAX 10000 KB Defines the log file size max for ALL appenders
PF_LOG_NUMBER 2 Defines the maximum of log files to retain upon rotation
PF_LOG_LEVEL INFO General log level -- provide custom log4j2.xml in profile for more detailed control valid values are OFF, ERROR, WARN, INFO, DEBUG NOTE: PF_LOG_LEVEL only applies to PF versions before 11.2.0
PF_ADMIN_PORT 9999 Defines the port on which the PingFederate administrative console and API runs.
PF_ENGINE_PORT 9031 Defines the port on which PingFederate listens for encrypted HTTPS (SSL/TLS) traffic.
PF_ENGINE_DEBUG false Flag to turn on PingFederate Engine debugging Used in
PF_ADMIN_DEBUG false Flag to turn on PingFederate Admin debugging Used in
PF_DEBUG_PORT 9030 Defines the port on which PingFederate opens up a java debugging port. Used in
SHOW_LIBS_VER true Defines a variable to allow showing library versions in the output at startup default to true
SHOW_LIBS_VER_PRE_PATCH false Defines a variable to allow showing library version prior to patches being applied default to false This is helpful to ensure that the patch process updates all libraries affected
OPERATIONAL_MODE STANDALONE Operational Mode Indicates the operational mode of the runtime server in Options include STANDALONE, CLUSTERED_CONSOLE, CLUSTERED_ENGINE.
PF_CONSOLE_AUTHENTICATION Defines mechanism for console authentication in Options include none, native, LDAP, cert, RADIUS, OIDC. If not set, default is native.
PF_ADMIN_API_AUTHENTICATION Defines mechanism for admin api authentication in Options include none, native, LDAP, cert, RADIUS, OIDC. If not set, default is native.
HSM_MODE OFF Hardware Security Module Mode in Options include OFF, AWSCLOUDHSM, NCIPHER, LUNA, BCFIPS.
PF_BC_FIPS_APPROVED_ONLY false Defines a variable that allows instantiating non-FIPS crypto/random
PF_HSM_HYBRID false Hardware Security Module Hybrid Mode When PF is in Hybrid mode, certs/keys can be created either on the local trust store or on the HSM. This can used as a migration strategy towards an HSM setup.
PF_LDAP_USERNAME This is the username for an account within the LDAP Directory Server that can be used to perform user lookups for authentication and other user level search operations. Set if PF_CONSOLE_AUTHENTICATION or PF_ADMIN_API_AUTHENTICATION=LDAP
PF_LDAP_PASSWORD This is the password for the Username specified above. This property should be obfuscated using the '' utility. Set if PF_CONSOLE_AUTHENTICATION or PF_ADMIN_API_AUTHENTICATION=LDAP
CLUSTER_BIND_ADDRESS NON_LOOPBACK IP address for cluster communication. Set to NON_LOOPBACK to allow the system to choose an available non-loopback IP address.
PF_PROVISIONER_NODE_ID 1 Provisioner Node ID in Initial active provisioning server node ID is 1
PF_PROVISIONER_GRACE_PERIOD 600 Provisioner Failover Grace Period in Grace period, in seconds. Default 600 seconds
PF_JETTY_THREADS_MIN Override the default value for the minimum size of the Jetty thread pool Leave unset to let the container automatically tune the value according to available resources
PF_JETTY_THREADS_MAX Override the default value for the maximum size of the Jetty thread pool Leave unset to let the container automatically tune the value according to available resources
PF_ACCEPT_QUEUE_SIZE 512 The size of the accept queue. There is generally no reason to tune this but please refer to the performance tuning guide for further tuning guidance.
PF_PINGONE_REGION The region of the PingOne tenant PingFederate should connect with. Valid values are "com", "eu" and "asia"
PF_PINGONE_ENV_ID The PingOne environment ID to use
PF_CONSOLE_TITLE Docker PingFederate The title featured in the administration console -- this is generally used to easily distinguish between environments
PF_NODE_TAGS This property defines the tags associated with this PingFederate node. Configuration is optional. When configured, PingFederate takes this property into consideration when processing requests. For example, tags may be used to determine the data store location that this PingFederate node communicates with. Administrators may also use tags in conjunction with authentication selectors and policies to define authentication requirements. Administrators may define one tag or a list of space-separated tags. Each tag cannot contain any spaces. Other characters are allowed. Example 1: PF_NODE_TAGS=north Example 1 defines one tag: 'north' Example 2: PF_NODE_TAGS=1 123 test Example 2 defines three tags: '1', '123' and 'test' Example 3: PF_NODE_TAGS= Example 3 is also valid because the PF_NODE_TAGS property is optional.
PF_CONSOLE_ENV This property defines the name of the PingFederate environment that will be displayed in the administrative console, used to make separate environments easily identifiable.
JAVA_RAM_PERCENTAGE 75.0 Percentage of the container memory to allocate to PingFederate JVM DO NOT set to 100% or your JVM will exit with OutOfMemory errors and the container will terminate
BULK_CONFIG_DIR ${OUT_DIR}/instance/bulk-config
ADMIN_WAITFOR_TIMEOUT 300 wait-for timeout for hook script How long to wait for the PF Admin console to be available

Ports Exposed

The following ports are exposed from the container. If a variable is used, then it may come from a parent container

  • 9031
  • 9999

Running a PingFederate container

To run a PingFederate container:

  docker run \
           --name pingfederate \
           --publish 9999:9999 \
           --detach \
           --env SERVER_PROFILE_URL= \
           --env SERVER_PROFILE_PATH=getting-started/pingfederate \
           --env PING_IDENTITY_DEVOPS_USER \
           --env PING_IDENTITY_DEVOPS_KEY \
           --tmpfs /run/secrets \

Follow Docker logs with:

docker logs -f pingfederate

If using the command above with the embedded server profile, log in with: * https://localhost:9999/pingfederate/app * Username: Administrator * Password: 2FederateM0re

Docker Container Hook Scripts

Please go here for details on all pingfederate hook scripts

This document is auto-generated from pingfederate/Dockerfile

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