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Version 2204 Release Notes

DevOps Docker Builds, Version 2204 (May 05 2022)

New Product Releases

  • PingAccess
    • PingAccess 6.3.4 is now available on Dockerhub.
  • PingIntelligence
    • PingIntelligence 5.1.1 is now available on Dockerhub.
  • pingctl


  • Environment Considerations added
    • Workaround for NFS and PingData
  • Getting Started Examples updated
    • Getting-started docker-compose examples now use default registry and image tag values
    • docker-compose examples now use pingctl's config file over deprecated ping-devops's config file
  • Pingctl configuration updated
    • Instructions to export environment variables if wanted

Resolved Defects

  • (BRASS-389) - Fix an issue with the getSemanticImageVersion function that was causing "bad number" errors during hook scripts.
  • (BRASS-397) - Updated PingDirectory and PingFederate server profiles to remove hard-coded instances of dc=example,dc=com and replace them with the USER_BASE_DN environment variable.


  • Docker Images
    • Apache Tomcat to Version 9.0.62
    • Alpine to version 3.15.4
    • Liberica JDK to 11.0.15+10


  • (BRASS-393) PingDirectory supports multiple base DNS for replication
    • Updated the PingDirectory image to support enabling and initializing replication for multiple base DNs with the REPLICATION_BASE_DNS variable, in addition to the USER_BASE_DN variable. Multiple DNs can be delimited with a ';' character.
      • For example: REPLICATION_BASE_DNS=dc=additional,dc=com;dc=another,dc=com
  • (BRASS-394) PingDataSync supports persistent volume for restarts
    • Updated the PingDataSync restart logic to include use of the manage-profile replace-profile command to support running PingDataSync with a persistent volume. This allows for updating the PingDataSync configuration on container restart, without requiring deploying a fresh container or volume.

Supported Product Releases