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Release Notes

DevOps Docker Builds, Version 2004

New Features

  • PingCentral

    The PingCentral Docker image is now available. See the Ping Identity Docker hub.

  • Docker Compose

    We've standardized our Docker Compose references.

  • Performance

    We've built a performance framework.

  • PingFederate version 10.0.2

    We've updated the PingFederate 10 Docker image for the 10.0.2 release.

  • The ping-devops utility

    We've added major enhancements to our ping-devops utility. See The ping-devops Utility.

  • PingDirectory replication

    We've added support for PingDirectory replication using Docker Compose.

  • Variables and scope

    We've added documentation to help with understanding the effective scope of variables. See Variables and Scope.

Resolved Defects

  • (GDO-1) Resolved issue where users were unable to override root and admin user passwords (PingDirectory).
  • (GDO-129) Removed the console from Ping Data products when the server profile isn't specified.
  • (GDO-54) Resolved PingDataGovernance issues within the baseline server profile.
  • (GDO-138) Resolved issue regarding PingDataGovernance Policy Administration Point (PAP) launch.
  • (GDO-189) Resolved issue with PingAccess heartbeat check.
  • (GDO-196) Replaced nslookup with getent due to issues running in Alpine.
  • (GDO-180) Resolved issue where extension signature verification may return a false positive.
  • (GDO-169) Resolved issues with Ping Data Console by upgrading to Tomcat 9.0.34.
  • (GDO-166) Resolved issue with make-ldif template processing.