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Using Private git Repositories

Generally, you'll not want your server profiles to be public, and will instead want to persist your server profiles in private git repositories. To use server profiles with private repositories, you will need to either pull using HTTPS or using SSH. For HTTPS with GitHub, you'll need to generate an access token in GitHub, then specify the access token in the URL you assign to the SERVER_PROFILE_URL environment variable in your YAML files. For SSH, you'll need to include your keys and known hosts in the image under /home/ping/.ssh.

Cloning from GitHub using HTTPS

Create a GitHub Access Token

  1. In GitHub, go to Settings --> Developer Settings --> Personal access tokens.
  2. Click Generate new token and assign the token a name.
  3. Grant the token privilege to the repo group.

    Copy the token to a secure location. You'll won't be able to view the token again.

  4. Scroll to the bottom of the page and click Generate Token.

Using The Token In YAML

To use the token in your YAML file, include it in the SERVER_PROFILE_URL environment variable using this format:


For example:


Using Git Credentials in Profile URL

Typically, variables in a SERVER_PROFILE_URL string will not be replaced. However, certain Git user and password variables, can be replaced:

  • Include either or both ${SERVER_PROFILE_GIT_USER} and ${SERVER_PROFILE_GIT_PASSWORD} in your server profile URL to substitute for those variables using values defined in your YAML files. For example:

  • When using layered server profiles, each layer can use the base user and password variables, or can define values specific to that layer. For example, for a license server profile layer, you can use the SERVER_PROFILE_LICENSE_GIT_USER and SERVER_PROFILE_LICENSE_GIT_PASSWORD variables, and substitute for those variables using values defined in your YAML files.

Cloning using SSH

To clone using SSH, you can mount the necessary keys and known hosts files using a volume at /home/ping/.ssh, the home directory of the default user in our product images. To clone from GitHub, you will need to add the necessary SSH keys to your account through the account settings page.