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Version 2307 Release Notes

Product release notes

For information about product changes, refer to the release notes that can be found on each product's download page.

DevOps Docker Builds, Version 2307 (Aug 2 2023)

New Product Releases


  • Apache Tomcat 9.0.76 → 9.0.78
  • Apache JMeter 5.6 → 5.6.2
  • Liberica JDK11 11.0.19+7 → 11.0.20+8
  • Liberica JDK17 17.0.7+7 → 17.0.8+7

Resolved Defects

  • (BRASS-1088) Fix defect in PingDirectory Backup Script
  • (BRASS-1121) Fix helm ingress demo YAML annotation
  • (BRASS-1124) Fix MOTD retrieval and notification script.
  • (BRASS-1143) Update 85-import PA and PF script to have better error messaging upon import failure.


  • (BRASS-1115 and BRASS-1116) Added new pingaccess-env-config and pingfederate-env-config server profiles that allow managing PingAccess and PingFederate configuration using environment variables in place of certain properties files.


Supported Product Releases