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Adding a MOTD

You can create a message of the day (MOTD) JSON file to be provide an MOTD file to our product containers when they start.

Before you begin

You must:

  • Complete the Get Started example to set up your DevOps environment and run a test deployment of the products.

Using a MOTD file

To employ a MOTD file:

  1. Edit the existing motd.json file:

    1. Edit the motd/motd.json file located in your local pingidentity-devops-getting-started/motd folder.
  2. Create a motd.json file in the location of your server profile:

    1. Create a motd.json file in the root of the server profile directory being referenced.

    This motd.json file will be appended to the /etc/motd file used by the provided image.

Testing the MOTD file

Test the new messages in the motd.json file using the script. The script supplies the JQ_EXPR value used to pass the message data to the container.

  1. To test the motd.json file locally for our example use cases, from the pingidentity-devops-getting-started/motd directory, enter:

    ./ local
  2. To test the motd.json file you created in your server profile directory:

    1. Copy the script located in the pingidentity-devops-getting-started/motd directory to your server profile directory.

    2. Enter:

      ./ local
  3. To test the motd.json with a server profile located in a Github repository:

    1. Ensure the script is located in the local, cloned repository.

    2. From the local, cloned repository, enter:

      ./ github

Example motd.json

The example below shows the messages that are displayed for all product images.

For this example, the messages are only shown from the validFrom to validTo dates:

    "devops" : [
            "validFrom": 20220701,
            "validTo": 20220730,
            "subject": "General Message 1",
            "message": ["This is line # 1",
                        "This is line # 3",]
            "validFrom": 20220801,
            "validTo": 20220830,
            "subject": "General Message 2",
            "message": ["Message goes here"]
    "pingfederate" : [
            "validFrom": 20220701,
            "validTo": 20220830,
            "subject": "PingFederate Message 1",
            "message": ["Message goes here"]