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Version 2208 Release Notes

Product release notes

For information about product changes, refer to the release notes that can be found on each product's download page.

DevOps Docker Builds, Version 2208 (September 01 2022)

New Product Releases

Resolved Defects

  • (BRASS-346) Added documentation for setting the PingFederate provisioner node ID
  • (BRASS-366) Added .default to any .subst files built into the image that did not have the extension. This prevents .subst files from overwriting the equivalent files when defined in a server profile.
  • (BRASS-469) PingFederate Upgrade Documentation has been updated
  • (BRASS-484) Fixed layered profile documentation page referring to a profile that no longer exists.
  • (BRASS-516) Updated documentation with new recommended process for PingData certificate rotation


  • Liberica JDK 11.0.16+8 ->
  • Liberica JDK 17.0.4+8 ->
  • Alpine 3.16.1 -> 3.16.2

Supported Product Releases