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Release Notes

DevOps Docker Builds, Version 2003

New Features

  • PingDirectoryProxy

    The PingDirectoryProxy Docker image is now available. See the Ping Identity Docker Hub

  • PingCentral

    The PingCentral Docker image is now available. See the Ping Identity Docker Hub

  • Docker Compose Port Mappings

    We now support the Docker Compose best practice of quoting all port mappings.

  • Docker Images (Tag: edge)

    We've built a pipeline to support nightly public builds of all Ping Identity Docker images using the edge tag.

  • PingDirectory

    We've upgraded the PingDirectory Docker image to the current product version

  • PingFederate Version 10.1.0

    We've built a beta PingFederate 10.1.0 Docker image.

  • PingAccess Version 6.1.0

    We've built a beta PingAccess 6.1.0 Docker image.

  • Ping Tool Kit

    The Ping Tool Kit Docker image is now available. See Ping Identity Docker Hub. Both kubectl and kustomize are supported in the image.

  • PingFederate Version 9.3

    We've updated the PingFederate 9.3 Docker image to include the latest product patches.

  • The ping-devops Utility

    We've added Kubernetes license secret generation, and server profile generation for PingDirectory to the ping-devops utility. See The ping-devops utility.

  • A New Hook

    We've added a security start-up hook notifying administrators of keys and secrets found in the server profile.

  • DevOps Evaluation License

    We've added retry functionality to attempt getting the DevOps evaluation license if the initial request fails.

  • Product Artifacts and Extensions

    We've created operations to retrieve product artifacts and extensions using the DevOps credentials.

  • Java 11

    We've migrated all Alpine-based Docker images to Java 11 (Azul).

  • PingDirectory Replication Timing

    We've added a profile and reference example to test PingDirectory replication timing. See the pingidentity-devops-getting-started Repo.

  • Docker Base Image Security

    We've documented an evaluation of Docker base image security. See Evaluation of Docker Base Image Security.

Resolved Defects

  • (GDO-85) Resolved an issue where PingAccess 6.0 loaded a 5.2 license.
  • (GDO-87) Resolved an issue where Data Console wasn't allowing users to authenticate (edge tag).
  • (GDO-124) Resolved an issue in with pipeline where starting containers using Docker-Compose timed out.
  • (GDO-89) Resolved an issue where *.subst template files were able to overwrite the server profile configuration.
  • (GDO-72) Resolved an issue where motd.json did not parse correctly when the product was missing.
  • (GDO-88) Resolved an issue where PingFederate profile metadata did not expand hostname, breaking OAuth flows.


  • (GDO-97) Removed WebConsole HTTP servlet from the baseline server profile. See the pingidentity-server-profiles repo.