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Release Notes

DevOps Docker Builds, Version 2006 (June 2020)

New Features

  • Docker Compose Volumes

    Applications that create and manage configuration now have mounted volumes in Docker-Compose Examples, ensuring that your configuration changes are persisted across restarted.

  • PingAccess Image Enhancements

    We've updated the PingAccess Image to support the new features available in version 6.1.

  • Customer Support Data Collection

    Included in this release is the Java diagnostic tool to enable embedded customer support data collection. This tool set includes jstat, jmap and jhat.

New Product Versions

The following new product versions are available using edge, latest and 2006 image tags:

  • PingFederate 10.1.0
  • PingAccess 6.1.0
  • PingDirectory
  • PingDirectoryProxy
  • PingDataGovernance
  • PingDataGovernance PAP
  • PingDataSync
  • PingCentral 1.4.0


  • Liveness Check

    We've made improvements to PingDirectory's liveness check to better inform dependant services on the status of the Directory service.

  • Docker Build Pipeline

    • We've published Documentation on how to build a Ping Identity Docker Image using a local zip artifact.

    • We have improved our reference pipeline to allow for the build of a single product.

    • We've made several CI/CD enhancements to improve Image qualification (smoke/integration tests).

  • Configuration Substitution

    We've made enhancements to explicitly send the variables to be substituted.

Resolved Defects

  • (GDO-218) Resolved an issue where PingDirectory threw an error on manage-profile during setup.
  • (GDO-289) Resolved an issue where Alpine based image couldn't install pip3.
  • (GDO-329) Resolved an issue where PingCentral docs were not syncing to GitHub.