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Using DevOps Hooks

Our DevOps hooks are build-specific scripts that are called or can be called by the script that is used to start up our product containers.

Use of our DevOps hooks is intended only for DevOps professionals.

The available hooks are built with the DevOps images, and can be found in the hooks subdirectory of each product directory in the Docker Builds repository.

In the startup script, there is an example (stub) provided for the available hooks for all products.


It's critical that the supplied hook names be used if you modify (for example, to make subtle changes to a server profile).

Using .pre and .post Hooks

When DevOps hooks are called during the script process, any corresponding .pre and .post hooks will also be called.

The .pre and .post extensions allow you to define custom scripts to be executed before or after any hook that is run in the container. You can include any custom .pre and .post hooks in the hooks directory of your server profile.

Hooks with a .pre extension are run before the corresponding hook, and hooks with a .post extension are run after the corresponding hook. For example, a script named will be run just before the hook starts, and a script named will be run just after that hook completes.