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Ping Identity DevOps Docker Image - pingtoolkit

This docker image includes the Ping Identity PingToolkit and associated hook scripts to create a container that can pull in a SERVER_PROFILE run scripts. The typical use case of this image would be an init container or a pod/container to perform tasks aside a running set of pods/containers.

  • pingidentity/pingbase - Parent Image

    This image inherits, and can use, Environment Variables from pingidentity/pingbase

  • pingidentity/pingcommon - Common Ping files (i.e. hook scripts)

Environment Variables

In addition to environment variables inherited from pingidentity/pingbase, the following environment ENV variables can be used with this image.

ENV Variable Default Description
PING_PRODUCT PingToolkit Ping product name
STARTUP_COMMAND tail The command that the entrypoint will execute in the foreground to instantiate the container
STARTUP_FOREGROUND_OPTS -f /dev/null The command-line options to provide to the the startup command when the container starts with the server in the foreground. This is the normal start flow for the container

Docker Container Hook Scripts

Please go here for details on all pingtoolkit hook scripts

This document is auto-generated from pingtoolkit/Dockerfile

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