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Release Notes

Devops Docker Builds, Version 2011 (November 2020)

New Features

  • Internal XRay Scanning

    We've automated the process to scan all Sprint Release Docker Images for CVE's


  • PingFederate

    • Version 10.1.3 now available.
    • Parameterized, and tcp.xml now included in Docker Image
  • Helm Charts

    • We added a number of enhancements to our Helm charts. See the Helm Release Notes for details.
  • Misc.

    • Updated EULA check to be case insensitive
    • Add Java back into pingtoolkit Image
    • Updated example docker run commands in Dockerfile documentation
    • Info message when Server Profile URLs are not present

Resolved Defects

  • (GDO-549) - Resolved issue where SCIM Swagger test pages don't work in PingDataGovernance Docker Image
  • (GDO-567) - Resolved issue where changes made to PingDirectory's were erased on container restart
  • (GDO-599) - Change wait-for localhost to use IP address
  • (GDO-604) - Modified simple-sync server profile to work in Kubernetes environment with different service names
  • (GDO-606) - Resolved issue where copy of server bits throws errors when running under non-root security context