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pingctl pingone


Provides ability to manage PingOne environments. Capabilities of this command include:

  • Listing, searching and retrieving PingOne resources (i.e. user, populations, groups)
  • Adding PingOne resources
  • Deleting PingOne resources


pingctl pingone get                  # Get PingOne resource(s)
pingctl pingone add                  # Add PingOne resource
pingctl pingone delete               # Delete PingOne resource

pingctl pingone add-user-group       # Add group to user
pingctl pingone delete-user-group    # Delete group from user

pingctl pingone token                # Obtain access token


All subcommands

    Provide REST Calls


-o [ table | csv | json ]
    Output format (default: table)
    also set with env variable: PINGCTL_DEFAULT_OUTPUT

-i {id}
    Search based on object guid

-n {name}
    Search based on exact filter

-f {filter}
    PingOne filter (SCIM based)
        ex: '.name.given eq "john"'
            '.email sw "john"'

-c {columns}
    Columns to output based on "heading:jsonAttr"
    An example of available jsonAttrs can be found by using a json output first.
        ex: ',FirstName:name.given'

-s {sort column}
    Columns to sort output on based on "jsonAttr"
    The jsonAttr MUST be listed in the list of columns (-c option).
        ex: ''

-p {population name}
    Population from which to retrieve a user/group
    If not provided, the 'Default' population is used


-p {population name}
    Population into which to add a user/group
    If not provided, the 'Default' population is used