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pingctl kubernetes


Manage Ping related Kubernetes resources.

  • Generate devops-secret secret containing Ping DevOps variables PING_IDENTITY_DEVOPS_KEY and PING_IDENTITY_DEVOPS_SECRET
  • Generate tls-secret secret containing a self-signed certificate and key for a specified domain.
  • Generate ssh-id-secret secret containing a file with ssh id (i.e. ~/.ssh/id_rsa)
  • Generate license-secret secret containing a Ping Identity product license file or generated eval license
  • Provide details about a cached kubectl oidc token
  • Display the entire jwt token
  • Display a specific claim
  • Clear the kubectl oidc cache


pingctl kubernetes generate devops-secret
pingctl kubernetes generate tls-secret {domain}
pingctl kubernetes generate ssh-id-secret {ssh id_rsa file}
pingctl kubernetes generate license-secret {license file}
pingctl kubernetes generate license-secret {product} {ver}

pingctl kubernetes oidc clear
pingctl kubernetes oidc {claim}
pingctl kubernetes oidc info