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Build Your Own Docker Images

This document explains the Ping Identity Docker images and how they are built.

There are several image builds provided, including Dockerfile, and scripts (i.e. for each docker build. Some images are used as foundations to build other images.

Docker Image Description
pingbase Base OS, default enviroment variables, volumes, healthcheck and entrypoint command defintions. This image provides a base to all Ping Identity docker images
pingcommon Files and scripts used with all Ping Identity docker images
pingdatacommon Files and scripts used with all Ping Identity Data docker images (i.e. PingDirectory, PingDataSync)
pingfederate Product details for PingFederate
pingaccess Product details for PingAccess
pingdirectory Product details for PingDirectory
pingauthorize Product details for PingAuthorize
pingauthorizepap Product details for PingAuthorize Policy Editor
pingdatasync Product details for PingDataSync
pingdownloader Product bits download service
ldap-sdk-tools LDAP SDK tools available of use with Ping Directory

Hook Scripts Used by Docker Builds

There are several hook scripts used by the docker builds. Full details on these hooks are included in the Docker Builds Hooks Document