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Deploy a PingFederate and PingDirectory Stack

You'll use Docker Compose to deploy a PingFederate and PingDirectory stack.

What You'll Do

  • Deploy the stack.
  • Log in to the management consoles.
  • Bring down or stop the stack.


  • You've already been through Get Started to set up your DevOps environment and run a test deployment of the products.

Deploy Stack

  1. Go to your local pingidentity-devops-getting-started/11-docker-compose/01-simple-stack directory. Enter:

    docker-compose up -d
  2. Check that the containers are healthy and running:

    docker-compose ps

    To display the startup logs:

    docker-compose logs -f

    To see the logs for a particular product container at any point, enter:

    docker-compose logs <product-container-name>
  3. Log in to the management consoles:

    Product Connection Details

Clean Up

When you no longer want to run this stack, you can either stop the running stack, or bring the stack down.

To stop the running stack without removing any of the containers or associated Docker networks, enter:

docker-compose stop

To remove all of the containers and associated Docker networks, enter:

docker-compose down

To remove attached Docker Volumes

docker volume prune