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Deploying a PingFederate and PingDirectory Stack

Use Docker compose to deploy a PingFederate and PingDirectory stack.

Before you begin

You must complete Get Started to set up your DevOps environment and run a test deployment of the products.

About this task

You will:

  • Deploy the stack.
  • Sign on to the management consoles.
  • Bring down or stop the stack.

Deploying the stack

  1. Go to your local pingidentity-devops-getting-started/11-docker-compose/01-simple-stack directory and enter:

    docker-compose up -d
  2. To check that the containers are healthy and running, enter:

    docker-compose ps
    • To display the startup logs, enter:

      docker-compose logs -f
    • To see the logs for a particular product container at any point, enter:

      docker-compose logs <product-container-name>
  3. Sign on to the management consoles:

    Product Connection Details

Cleaning Up

When you no longer want to run this stack, you can either stop the running stack or bring the stack down.

  • To stop the running stack without removing any of the containers or associated Docker networks, enter:

    docker-compose stop
  • To remove all of the containers and associated Docker networks, enter:

    docker-compose down
  • To remove attached Docker volumes, enter:

    docker volume prune