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Orchestrate a PingIntelligence Deployment

Use kustomize for the PingIntelligence deployment from your local pingidentity-devops-getting-started/20-kustomize/02-fullstack/pingintelligence directory (the location of the YAML files) and call into your local pingidentity-devops-getting-started/20-kustomize/01-standalone directory for the base product configurations.

kustomization.yaml does the following:

  • References your local pingidentity-devops-getting-started/20-kustomize/01-standalone/pingintelligence directory for the base product configurations
  • Uses environment variable onprem for ABS deployment

Connect ASE to ABS

ABS onprem * PING_INTELLIGENCE_ASE_ENABLE_ABS: "true" * Provide a valid ABS access key with PING_INTELLIGENCE_ABS_ACCESS_KEY * Provide a valid ABS secret key with PING_INTELLIGENCE_ABS_SECRET_KEY

ABS Cloud * PING_INTELLIGENCE_ABS_DEPLOYMENT_TYPE: "cloud" * Provide a valid gateway jwt with PING_INTELLIGENCE_GATEWAY_CREDENTIALS which is generated by PingOne

For more information about the ASE to ABS connectivity please visit PingIntelligence